Dave Lee's Class Codes

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This is a list of the codes inserted by Dave Lee for the BNC World Edition.


S = spoken

W = written


The actual tags in the header look like this:


<classCode scheme="DLee">W fict prose</classCode>



>S brdcast discussn<

>S brdcast documentary<

>S brdcast news<

>S classroom<

>S consult<

>S conv<

>S courtroom<

>S demonstratn<

>S interview<

>S interview oral history<

>S lect commerce<

>S lect humanities arts<

>S lect nat science<

>S lect polit law edu<

>S lect soc science<

>S meeting<

>S parliament<

>S pub debate<

>S sermon<

>S speech scripted<

>S speech unscripted<

>S sportslive<

>S tutorial<

>S unclassified<

>W ac humanities arts<

>W ac medicine<

>W ac nat science<

>W ac polit law edu<

>W ac soc science<

>W ac tech engin<

>W admin<

>W advert<

>W biography<

>W commerce<

>W email<

>W essay school<

>W essay univ<

>W fict drama<

>W fict poetry<

>W fict prose<

>W hansard<

>W institut doc<

>W instructional<

>W letters personal<

>W letters prof<

>W misc<

>W news script<

>W newsp brdsht nat arts<

>W newsp brdsht nat commerce<

>W newsp brdsht nat editorial<

>W newsp brdsht nat misc<

>W newsp brdsht nat report<

>W newsp brdsht nat science<

>W newsp brdsht nat social<

>W newsp brdsht nat sports<

>W newsp other arts<

>W newsp other commerce<

>W newsp other report<

>W newsp other reportage<

>W newsp other science<

>W newsp other social<

>W newsp other sports<

>W newsp tabloid<

>W non ac humanities arts<

>W non ac medicine<

>W non ac nat science<

>W non ac polit law edu<

>W non ac soc science<

>W non ac tech engin<

>W pop lore<

>W religion<


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