Other Software

Free software which you can download. Each file is in zipped format. That is, you need Winzip or similar to decompress the .zip file.

Health Warning

I must stress that any software on my own site is downloaded from here on an as-is basis, at your own risk.

MicroConcord (Scott & Johns) was published in 1993 by OUP. It is a concordancer, operating on IBM PCs running DOS. DOS is faster than Windows but the number of concordance lines is limited to around 1,500, and you can't save a concordance except as a text file. It is very useful for a quick analysis, and may be easier for students to use than WordSmith Tools.
WebQuiz (Windows 3.1 or better) is a tool for anyone to make a language test or other quiz which works on the Internet and can compute any visitor's score automatically. All you need to do is prepare a list of questions and answers; WebQuiz makes a web site page containing the quiz. Run Quiz.exe to unpack the WebQuiz.exe program and supporting files.
Dropper (Windows 95, 98, NT only) is a word game which drops a word or phrase from the top of the screen; as it falls you have to try to steer it towards a matching slot. For example, if the relationship being practised is hyponymy and "taxi" is falling and the 5 slots at the bottom of the screen say "fruit", "vehicle", "animal", "house" and "month", it must go to the second slot. This is a fast "shoot-em-down" type of game but based on lexis. You can prepare your own word sets; I supply one based on three-word clusters.
Word Splitter (Windows 95, 98, NT only) is a file splitter which enables you to cut an original large text file into numerous small ones, eg. of 500 words each. Options include cutting out punctuation, tags, making a list in alphabetical order.

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