WordSmith 8, 64 bits (beta)

  • This version runs on Windows 7, 10 and 11.
  • Use your existing WS8 registration code details to register.
  • It has much of the functionality but some elements are missing. It's a large download because some compacting isn't complete.
  • It's a major re-write, so data formats have necessarily been re-structured. Existing WS8 saved data can be imported in .txt format. Export it in your existing WS8.
  • You can create and save data in the new version. But I may need to make further structural changes. If I do, data saved using the beta you download today may not match new data saved later.
  • The Help is still the existing WS8 32bit help.
  • Feedback on what you like and dislike is very welcome!

download here

latest enhancements (4 Jan):

  • search wildcards and 1-letter concordance fix plus other search fixes
  • version checking
  • source text plot fix and save to RTF and clipboard
  • compute concordance for Index (21 Dec):

  • wordlist Index functionality
  • check version updating

64 bit version improvements

  1. Enhanced source text view (Concord, KeyWords) with a plot to show instances.
  2. Better tag handling, ability to show tags in different ways including a preferred tag attribute.
  3. Sentence and other text breaks can be shown in Concord lines.
  4. Processes UTF8 text with few disadvantages while still preferring UTF16.
  5. Clean new visual styles and colours.
  6. Uses all the PC’s memory unlike 32 bit software.
  7. Enhanced accuracy in counts of sentences, paragraphs etc.
  8. More complete notes saved with each set of data.
  9. Better colour handling in export to RTF, Excel, etc.
  10. Fix to context word search using tags (problem in WS8-32bits)