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If you're working on a network, WordSmith will be s-l-o-w if it has to read and write results across the network. It's much faster to do your work locally on a C:\ or D:\ drive and then copy any useful results over to network storage later if required.


a Test (March 2023)

26,429 texts on water & climate, all .txt files, all with long titles.

Plain text, default tag settings only.

A PC from about 2015 but updated & well maintained, Windows 10 Pro. 16GB of RAM. i5-7400 CPU @ 3GHz


SSD drive (new), local to the PC):

selecting the 26K texts took 6 seconds

 Word list (took 00:08:57.1520760 -- 2,712,000 wpm)


HDD drive (new), on a NAS drive connected by Ethernet:

selecting the 26K texts took 11 seconds

 Word list (took 00:10:45.3533355 -- 2,257,000 wpm)


Anything requiring downloads will take longer.


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