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WordSmith Tools Help

If your tag file specifies colours, you can effectively see the search-word and context with the colours chosen.



The main Concord window at the left shows the concordance. The Tag Colours window to the right controls how the concordance is displayed.



 ticked: shows tag and word (as above)

 selected but not ticked: hides tag, shows words coloured:



 clear: hides tag, shows words not coloured, more or less as if no tags were loaded:



 alternates between showing the tag as defined in the tag file

 and the description in the tag file


WSImage_517_two_24 if showing a tag:

 WSImage_516_one_24 shows the tag as found in the text

 WSImage_517_two_24 shows the tag as defined in the tag file

 WSImage_518_three_24 shows description of the tag

 WSImage_519_four_24 shows the attribute of the tag

 WSImage_520_five_24first few characters of the tag

 WSImage_521_six_24last few characters of the tag


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