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Index File

The filename is for a default index which you wish to consider the usual one to open.

thorough concordancing: when you compute a concordance from an index, you will either get (thorough checked) or not get (if not checked) full sentence, paragraph and other statistics as in a normal concordance search. (Computing these statistics takes a little longer.)

show if frequency at least: determines which items you will see when you load up the index file. (What you see looks like a word list but it is reading the underlying index.)  



the minimum and maximum sizes are 2 and 8. Set these before you compute a multi-word word list based on the index. A good maximum is probably 4 or 5.

min. frequency: minimum frequency for each cluster.

min. texts: minimum number of texts a cluster must be in.

stop at: you can choose where you want cluster breaks to be assumed. With the setting above (no limits), "I wrote the letter. Then I posted it" would consider letter then I posted as a possible multi-word string even though there's a sentence break between them.

max. frequency %: saves processing very high frequency words. (THE in most English text takes up about 5%, so a setting of 3% will save computing clusters which start with the topmost frequency words.)

max. seconds per word: a setting allowing you to ignore high-frequency items which occur so often that procesing slows down. (0=no limit)

omit phrase frames: (default = checked) avoids showing phrase frames in a word cluster list.

omit dispersion: (default = not checked) avoids computing dispersion scores in an index.

save only phrase frames: (applies when saving a word list of clusters)

don't save phrase frames: (applies when saving a word list of clusters)  



See relationships computing.


See also: WordList index