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To save your results use Save (Ctrl+F2) in the menu. This saves all the results so you can return to the data at a later date. You may wish to clean up any deleted items by zapping, first.


Saved data format

Saved data is in a special WordSmith Tools format. The only point of it is to make it possible to use the data again another day. You will not be able to examine it usefully outside the Tools.


Exporting as plain text

If you want to export your data to a spreadsheet, graphics program, database or word processor, etc., you can do this

a) by saving all or some of a page as text or

b) copying the data to the clipboard,

c) by exporting all the associated data as plain text.


save As? (WSImage_400_SaveAs_24)


save part of the data only

By default, WSImage_326_save_24 and WSImage_400_SaveAs_24 save all your data that you haven't zapped . If you want to save only part of it, but don't want to zap it to oblivion, choose Copy.


avoid the save prompts?

You can avoid them in the Advanced settings (Main Settings | Advanced Settings | Advanced | Plots,Prompts).