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WordSmith Tools Help

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Main Settings

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Found in the WordSmith Tools Controller.





Restore last work will bring back the last word-list, concordance or key-words list when you start WordSmith.

Show Help file will call up the Help file automatically when you start WordSmith.

Associate/clear file extensions will teach Windows to use (or not to use) Concord, WordList, KeyWords etc. to open the relevant files made by WordSmith.


Check for updates

WordSmith can be set to check for updated versions weekly, monthly or not at all. You may freely update your version within the version purchased (e.g. 8.0 allows you to update any 8.x version until a later version is issued).


Toolbar & Status bar

Each Tool has a status bar at the bottom and a toolbar with buttons at the top. By default the toolbar is hidden to reduce screen clutter.


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