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concordance view

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Concordance View

You can choose different ways of seeing the data, and a whole set of choices as to what columns you want to display for each new concordance. You can re-instate any later if you wish by changing the Layout.


Some of the options are visible here:





sentence only = show the context only up to its left and right sentence boundaries. See zero characters if exporting as txt or xlsx.




Blanking = blank the search-word out e.g. to make a guess-the-word exercise

Padding = insert a space to left and right of the search-word so it stands out better




Tag List (colours): a window offering a chance to switch colours on and off.

hide undefined tags = hide those not defined in your tag file

hide tag file tags = hide all tags including undefined ones

words coloured = colour words

tags coloured = colour the tags

hide the sentence tags = hides e.g. <s> and </s> tags.

hide the paragraph tags

hide heading tags

hide section tags


Other options are in the Concord what you see settings. See also: what can I do with the list?, Saving and printing.