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WordSmith Tools Manual

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what your licence allows

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In among the legal stuff you will find this, in relation to single user licences:



Think of these as a licence for a person.

You can install the product on a machine at your office and a machine at home. You may yourself use both copies of the product, but only one at a time.

You cannot install the product on two machines, and then use both of those copies at the same time, or allow anyone else to use your copy of the product on the second machine. For instance, you cannot purchase one copy of the product and allow a friend or family member to use the product on the other machine.

You may not, at any time, allow another user to install your copy of the product for his/her own use.



Think of these as a licence for a given number of terminals.


The full licence text is at \wsmith7\user_licence.txt. Your licence doesn't expire but it is limited to the major version you bought. So a WordSmith 5 licence won't work with WordSmith 6 and a WS 6 licence won't work with WS7 but you can re-download the program as needed from our site.