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WordSmith Tools Manual

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Editing texts in Viewer & Aligner

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While Aligner is not a full word-processor, some editing facilities have been built in to help deal with common formatting problems:

Split: allows you to choose where a line should be divided in two.

Join down , Join up: these buttons merge a line with another one. You can achieve this also by simply dragging.

Cut line: removes any blank lines.

Trim: this goes through each sentence of the text, removing any redundant spaces -- where there are two or more consecutive spaces they will be reduced to one.

Cut & Trim All does these actions on the whole text.

Edit opens up a window allowing you to edit the whole of the current sentence or paragraph.

Heading: allows you to treat a line as a heading, and if so makes it look bold.

Find unusual lines: this identifies cases where a sentence or paragraph does not start with a capital letter or number -- you will probably want to join it to the one above, or where a line is unusually short, etc.

Find short lines


You will then want to save (Ctrl+F2) your text.


You can also:

open a new file for viewing (you can open any number of text files within Viewer & Aligner)

copy a text file to the clipboard (select, then press Control+Ins)

print the whole or part of the currently active text file

search for words or phrases (press F12)