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too slow

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It takes ages

If you're processing a lot of text and you have an ancient PC with little memory and a hard disk that Noah bought from a man in the market for a rainy day, it might take ages. You'll hear a lot of clicks coming from the hard disk when memory is low. Solution: get a faster computer, by installing more memory which makes a big difference), by defragmenting your hard drive, by using a disk cache, or by adjusting virtual memory settings. If you're running WordSmith Tools on a network, check with the network administrator whether performance is significantly degraded because of network access.


Solution 2: quit all programs you don't need. That can restore a lot of system memory.


Solution 3: quit Windows and start again. That can restore a lot of system memory.


Solution 4: save and read from the local hard disk (C: or D:), not the network.