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Zip Files

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Zip files are files which have been compressed in a standard way. WordSmith can now read and write to .zip files.

The point of it…

Apart from the obvious advantage of your files being considerably smaller than the originals were, the other advantage is that you don't need to keep thousands of little files you may not have time to examine all of in detail. A batch of thousands of word lists or key word lists can be stored in one .zip file.

The "cost" of zipping is the very small amount of time this takes.WordSmith can first unzip it and then show it to you or use the zipped file as input to another process.

How to do it…

Where you see an option to create a zip file, this can be checked, and the results will be stored where you choose but in zipped form with the .zip ending.

If you choose to open a zipped word list, concordance, text file, etc. and it contains more than one file within it, you will get a chance to decide which file(s) within it to open up. Otherwise the process will happen in the background and will not affect your normal WordSmith processing.

65,000 file limit

A .zip file cannot hold more than 65,000 different word lists (key word lists, concordances). If you choose more than that a number of .zip files will instead get created.