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Filenames made by Splitter

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Splitter will create lots of small files based on your large one(s).




It creates filenames as sub-files of a folder based on the name of each text file. In this screenshot, it has found a file called C:\temp\G_O\The Observer\2002\Home_news\Apr 07.txt and is creating a set of results listed 1 to 11 or more, using the specified destination folder plus the same folder structure as the original texts. Each sub-text is numbered 0001.txt, 0002.txt etc.

Sub-folders are created if there are too many files for a folder.

If a title is detected, each file will contain the title plus a number and .txt. If there is no title, the filename will be the number + .txt added as a file extension.



1.        Splitter will start numbering at 1 each session.

2.        Note that the small files will probably take up a lot more room than the original large file did. This is because the disk operating system has a fixed minimum file size. A one-character text file will require this minimum size, which will probably be several thousand bytes in size. Even so, I suggest you keep your text files such that each file is a separate text, by using Splitter. When doing word lists and key words lists, though, do them in batches.

3.        CD-ROM files when copied to your hard disk may be read-only. You can change this attribute using Text Converter.