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File chunker

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The point of it


The idea is to be able to cut up a big file into pieces, so that you can copy it in chunks e.g. for emailing.

Naturally, you may later want to restore the chunks to one file.


How to do it: to copy a file

1.        Specify your "file to chunk" (the big one you want to copy)

2.        Specify your "drive & folder" (where you want to copy the chunks to.

3.        Specify the "size of each chunk"

4.        Specify whether to "compress while chunking" (compresses the file as it goes along)

5.        Press "Copy".


How to do it: to restore a file

1.        Specify your "first chunk" (the first chunk you made using this program)

2.        Specify which folder to "restore to" (where you want the results)

3.        Specify whether to "delete chunks afterwards" (if they are not needed)

4.        Press "Restore".


See also : compare two files, find duplicates, rename