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Creating a Database

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To build a key words database, you will need a set of key word lists. For a decent sized database, it is preferable to build it like this:

1. Make a batch of word lists.

2. Use this batch off word lists to make a batch of keyword lists. Set "faster minimal processing" on as in this shot, so as to not waste time computing plots etc.




3. Now, in KeyWords, choose New | KW Database.




This enables you to choose the whole set of key word files.

Note that making a database means that only positive key words will be retained.

The process takes a while as it first reads in each of the components of your .zip file(s), then it computes all the associates.


In the Controller KeyWords settings you can make other choices:


minimum frequency for database

If you set this to 5 you will only use for the database any KWs which appear in 5 or more texts


min. KWs per text

If this is set to 10, any KW results files which ended up with very few positive KWs will be ignored.





See also: associates.