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Custom settings

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Custom Tagsets

In  the main Settings | Tags & Markup window, you may see custom settings choices like this.

customising tag settings


The point of it...

The point of this choice is to change a whole series of settings according to the type of corpus you wish to process.

When you change the setting above, any valid data as explained below will get loaded into your defaults.


How to do it

Press the Edit button to create or edit the custom settings (the file is called custom_tag_settings.xml and it'll get saved in your Documents\wsmith7 folder).


customising tag settings form

To start a new set, press Add and give a suitable name (such as Shakespeare for processing the Shakespeare corpus).

Fill in the boxes and press Save.


All boxes will have leading and trailing spaces removed.

Use auto for automatic processing e.g. of sentence ends.

Checking the default box means that this set gets chosen by default and any tag or entity files will get automatically loaded for you.


See also : Tags as text selectors