Handling sounds and video in a concordance


The point of it

Suppose you do a concordance of "elephant" and want to hear how the word is actually spoken in context. Is the last vowel a schwa? Does the second vowel sound like "i" or "e" or "u" or a schwa?


How to do it...

If you have defined tags which refer to multimedia files, and if there are any such tags in the "tag-context" of a given concordance line, you can hear or see the source multimedia. The tag will be parsed to identify the file needed, if necessary downloading it from a web address, and then played.



In this screenshot we see a concordance where there is a tag inserted periodically in the text file. To play the media file,choose File | Play media file, or double-click the Tag column.


Video files can be played if the free VLC Media Player is installed (see http://www.vlcapp.com/). The next screenshot below shows a concordance line with, in the Nearest Tag column, the mark-up saying that the source text and the video file have the same file-name (except that the latter ends .AVI and the former .TXT). A double-click on the Tag (yellow highlighted cell) brought up the video screen you can see below,



and that has now played to the tenth second, then paused. You can see in the case of this particular video that there is a sub-title with the same words that are in the concordance above (though there is no guarantee you will see sub-titles for all videos).


If you build up a collection of TED talks like these where the same video in English has transcripts in several languages,


SRT files converted

you can get to see the different translations:


translation transcripts of a video file

by choosing View | Show related txts in the menu.


show related txts menu


Note: If you want to see the whole text of a given line, double-click it and the relevant translation text file will open in Notepad.



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