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chargrams display

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The display is similar to that in the WordList tool.




This column shows the word-contexts for each chargram. You can double-click to see the whole list.




You can sort by clicking a header. This offers you two of the columns to sort on, a primary sort and then where values on the primary sort are the same a secondary sort. In this example the user is choosing the number of texts in descending order and then word-position in ascending order.


This gave the following list (extract):



Word-initial chargrams 1-15 and mid-word chargrams 16 onwards all occurred in all 100% of the texts selected.



As in many other Tools, you can concordance selected items by choosing Compute | Concordance in the menu.


In the case above I wondered about the context word cou

cou concordanced

... which clearly shows speech reformulation.


See also : settings.