Minimal Pairs: results

An example of output is

418        ALTHOUGHT        (7)        ALTHOUGH(37975)

Here the lines are numbered, and the bracketed numbers mean that ALTHOUGHT occurred 7 times and ALTHOUGH 37,975 times.


An example using Dutch medical text, lower case:

136        aplasie        (1)        aplasia(1)[L]

137        apyogene        (1)        apyogeen(1)[S]

138        arachnoideales        (1)        arachnoidales(1)[I]

Here line 136 generated a 1-Letter difference, 137 a Swap and 138 an Insertion.


An example using Guardian newspaper, looking for anagrams:

35        AUDIE        (7)        ADIEU(43)[A]

36        ABASS        (6)        ASSAB(16)[A]

37        AGUIAR        (6)        AURIGA(11)[A]

38        ALRED'S        (6)        ADLER'S(18)[A]

39        ANDOR        (6)        ADORN(128)[A]


an example where the alternatives are separated with commas but the rule and frequencies are not shown.




See also : aim, requirements, choosing your files, rules and settings, running the program.


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