Window Management

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The main WordSmith Tools Controller will be at the top left corner of your screen, half the screen width and half the screen height in size. Other Tools will appear in the middle. Each Tool main window will come just below any previous ones.

Make use of the Taskbar (or Alt-tab, which helps you to switch easily from one window to the next).


"Start another Concord window"?

You will see this if you already have a window of data and press New to start another concordance. You can have any number of windows open for each Tool, each with different data.


minimising, moving and resizing windows

All windows can be stretched or shrunk by putting the mouse cursor at one edge and pulling. They can be moved most easily by grabbing the top bar, where the caption is, and pulling, using the mouse. You can minimise a window: it becomes an icon which you restore by clicking on it. If you maximise it, it will fill the entire screen of the Tool concerned. These are standard Windows functions. It's okay to minimise the main Controller window when using individual Tools.


tile and cascade

You can Tile or Cascade the Tools from the main WordSmith Tools program.


restore last file

A convenience feature: the last file you saved or retrieved will by default be restored when you re-enter WordSmith Tools. I've kept it to one only to avoid screen clutter! This feature can be turned off temporarily via a settings option or permanently in wordsmith.ini (in your Documents\wsmith5 folder). You can also generally access your last saved result in any Tool by right-clicking and choosing last file:last_file


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