Wildcards in Splitter

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#The hash symbol, #, is used as a wildcard to represent any number, so [FF#] would find [FF3] or [FF9987] but not [FF] or [FF 9] (because there's a space in it) or [FFhello].
*The asterisk represents any string, so [FF* would find all of the above. * is used as the last character in the end-of-text symbol. It would find [FF anything at all up to the next <Enter>.
^The ^ mark represents any single letter, so [FF??] would find [FFZQ] but none of the others.
?The question mark represents any single character (including spaces, punctuation, letters), so [FF??] would find [FF 9] in the above examples, but none of the others.

To represent a genuine #,^,? or *, put each one in double quotes, eg. "?" "#" "^" "*".


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