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Choose the language you require from the drop-down list.

Search Engine

The search engine box allows you to choose for example for searches on Brazilian Portuguese or for French. That is a better guarantee of getting text in the language you require!

Folder and Time-out

where the texts are to be stored. By defaults it is the \wsmith5 folder stemming from your My Documents. The folder you specify will act as a root. That is, if you specify c:\temp and search for "besteirol", results will be stored in c:\temp\besteirol. If you do another search on say "WordSmith Tools", results for that will go into c:\temp\WordSmith Tools.
timeout: the number of seconds after which WebGetter robot stops trying a given webpage if there's no response. Suggested value: 50 seconds.


minimum file length (suggested 20Kbytes): the minimum size for each text file downloaded from the web. Small ones may just contain links to a couple of pictures and nothing much else.
minimum words (suggested: 300): after each download, WebGetter goes through the downloaded text file counting the number of words and won't save unless there are enough.
required words: you may optionally type in some words which you require to be present in each download; you can insist they all be present or any 1 of these.



If you want all the HTML markup removed, you can check this box, setting a suitable span between < and > markers, 1000 recommended.


Advanced Options


If you work in an environment with a "Proxy Server", WebGetter will recognise this automatically and use the proxy unless you uncheck the relevant box. If in doubt ask your network administrator.

You can specify the whole search URL and terms string yourself if you like with a box in the Advanced options.



See also: Display, Limitations


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