profiling text

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How to do it

1.Choose one or more texts or a folder. You can type in a complete filename (including drive and folder), and can use wildcards such as *.txt, or you can browse to find your text or folder.
2.If you want to study one text only, just choose one text, but you may choose a whole folderful or more by using the "sub-folders too" option.
3.Press Analyse.



The display shows details of your selected text, and if you click the Source Text tab you can see the original text. (If you have analysed a whole set of text files the Source Text tab will show only that last one.)



code                the Unicode code of

character        the character

type                distinguishing punctuation, digits, letters

%                percentage of the total number of characters in the text(s)

freq.                number of occurrences of that character

<Enter>        number of carriage-returns and line-feeds in the text, indicated in red.



Click the header to sort the data:



The letter e (lower case) represents over eight percent, closely followed by t.



Copies the data to the clipboard, ready to be pasted for example into Excel.


See also: settings.


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