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If you have bought a site licence, it's much easier to install one copy of WordSmith on a server which is accessible by all your users. Naturally, you won't want them to save any results or alter the original copy of WordSmith in that main location. So, take a look at wordsmith.ini: in it you will see a section which allows you to specify exactly where each user should save their preferences.


The following terms are used

prohibited drives

limited folder

instructions folder

network-read/write folder


and an example would be


network-read/write folder=m:\Documents\wsmith5

(drive M: is to be used when running on the network as it's one any user can write to.)

prohibited drives=xyz

(X: Y: and Z: are drives you don't want your users to look in when choosing texts.)

limited folder=v:\texts

(V:\TEXTS -- and any sub-directories of it -- is where users will by default choose their corpus on your network; though they may of course look elsewhere in any other drives they control.)

instructions folder=L:\English\WSmith instructions

(when you run the software in a teaching session, you will put the instructions in that folder.)


When a new user starts using WordSmith for the very first time, WordSmith will notice that it is running on a network-version and read the "network-read/write folder" information above. It will then try to automatically create the folder you have specified above (in theory you shouldn't need to do it yourself) and copy the various .ini and other settings files over from the folder on your server where the WordSmith program is, to that folder. Your life as a network installer will be a lot easier if the drive and folder you specify is truly one your users can write to!


For network versions, because of a Microsoft security update involving HTML Help files, WordSmith will  copy the wordsmith.chm file to the user's Windows-allocated temporary folder.

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