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Using the menu you can search for a sub-string within an entry -- e.g. all words containing "fore" (by entering *fore* -- the asterisk means that the item can be found in the middle of a word, so *fore will find before but not beforehand, while *fore* will find them both). These searches can be repeated.

This function enables you to find parts of words so that you can edit your word-list, e.g. by joining two words as one.

You can search for ends or middles of words by using the * wildcard.

Thus *TH* will find other, something, etc.

*TH will find booth, sooth, etc.

You can then use F8 to repeat your last search.


The search hot keys are:

F8        repeat last search (use in conjunction with F10 or F11)

F10        search forwards from the current line

F11        search backwards from the current line

F12        search starting from the beginning


This function is handy for lemmatization (joining words which belong under one entry, such as seem/ seems/ seemed/ seeming etc.)

See also: searching for an entry by typing

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