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How to get here

The Language Chooser is accessed from the main WordSmith Controller menu: Settings | Adjust Settings | Text and Languages | Other Languages.


What it does

The list of languages on the left shows all those which are supported by the PC you're using. If any of them are greyed, that's because although they are "supported" by your version of Windows, they haven't been installed in your copy of Windows. (To install more multilingual support, you will need your original Windows cdrom or may be able to find help on the Internet.)




On the right, there are the currently chosen languages for use with WordSmith. The default language should be marked #1 and others which you might wish to use with *. For each Chosen Language, you can specify any symbols which can be included within a word, e.g. the apostrophe in English, where it makes more sense to think of "don't" as one word than as "don" and "t". You can also specify whether a hyphen separates words or not (e.g. whether "self-conscious" is to be considered as 2 words or 1).


To change the status of a chosen language, right-click. This user is about to make Russian the #1 default. To delete any unwanted language, right-click and choose "demote". To add a language, drag it from the left window to the right, then set the country and font you prefer for that particular language.


Each time you change language, the list of fonts available changes, and the sorted words will change their appearance. The window at the bottom shows which characters can be supported in Unicode or 1-byte format by the highlighted language.


Some languages do not mark word-separators.


See also : Other Languages, saving your choices

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