List of Error Messages

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List of Error Messages

See also: Troubleshooting.

Can only save WORDS as ASCII

Can't call other Tool

Can't make folder as that's an existing filename

Can't merge list

Can't read file

Character set reset to <x> to suit <language>

Concordance file is faulty

Concordance stop list file not found

Conversion file not found

Destination folder not found

Disk problem: File not saved

Dispersions go with concordances

Drive not valid

Failed to access Internet

Failed to create new folder name

File access denied

File contains none of the tags specified

File not found

Filenames must differ!

Full drive:\folder name needed

function not working properly yet

INI file not found

Invalid Concordance file

Invalid file name

Invalid Keywords Database file

Invalid Keywords file

Invalid Wordlist Comparison file

Invalid Wordlist file

Joining limit reached: join & try again

Key words file is faulty

Keywords Database file is faulty

Limit of 500 file-based search-words reached

Links between Tools disrupted

Match list details not specified

Must be a number

Network registration running elsewhere or vice-versa

No access to text file: in use elsewhere?

No associates found

No clumps identified

No clusters found

No collocates found

No concordance entries found

No concordance stop list words

No deleted lines to Zap

No entries in Keywords Database

No Key Words found

No key words to plot

No keyword stop list words

No lemma list words

No match list words

No room for computed variable

No statistics available

No stop list words

No such file(s) found

No tag list words

Not a valid number

No wordlists selected

Original text file needed but not found

Registration string is not correct

Registration string must be 20 letters long

Short of Memory!

Source Folder file(s) not found

Stop list file not found

Stop list file not read

Tag file not found

Tag list file not read

This function is not yet ready!

This is a demo version

This program needs Windows 95 or greater

To stop getting this annoying message, Update from Demo in setup.exe

Too many ignores (50 limit)

Too many sentences (8000 limit)

Two files needed

Truncating at xx words -- tag list file has more!

Unable to merge Keywords Databases

Why did my search fail?

Word list file not found

Wordlist comparison file is faulty

Word-list file is faulty

WordSmith Tools has expired: get another

WordSmith Tools already running

WordSmith version mis-match

xx days left

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