Editing column headings

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By default, a word-list will have column headings like these:


default wordlist column headings


If you choose View | Layout, you get to see the various headings:


default wordlist column headings in layout

and if you double-click any of these you may edit it to change the column header as in this (absurd) example:


default wordlist column heading to ulan bator


If you now save your word-list, the new column heading gets saved along with the data. Other new word-lists, though, will have the default WordSmith headings.

If you want all future word-lists to have the same headings, you should press the Save button in the layout window.

(If you had been silly enough to call the word column "Ulan Bator" and to have saved this for all subsequent word-lists, you could remedy the problem by deleting Documents\wsmith5\wordlist list customised.dat.)

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