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.DOC to plain text

.ini files

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25 lines

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32-bit version

- A -

about option


accents & symbols

accents window

accessing previous results

accurate sort in WordList


add to text

add value to corpus

adding notes to data

adjust settings

adjusting with mouse

advanced concordance settings

advanced settings



altering your data

alternative search words


annotate source texts



apostrophes in sorting

Application programming interface


associate defined

associated entries



auto-joining lemmas

autoload tag file

automated file-based concordancing

- B -



batch choosing

batch processing

batch processing and Excel

batch processing: file-names

batch processing: folders


blanking out entries

BNC handling of sentences and headings

BNC Sampler version

BNC: selecting between texts

BNC: selecting within texts

BNC: tag file

BNC: text format

boolean and/not

boolean or

bracket first line

browsing original




- C -

calculating a plot

calculation of KeyWords

call a concordance

calling other tools

cannot compare word-lists in different languages

can't see Concord tags

case sensitivity

CD-ROM version: defaults

CD-ROM: speed

CD-ROM: storage

Central European

changing colours

changing font

changing from edit to type-in mode

character sets

characters in save as text

characters within a word

Charles Babbage

check current version




Choose Languages: overview

choosing files from standard dialogue box

choosing texts

choosing your files

class instructions

clear previous selection



clumps: regrouping

cluster: definition


clusters in KeyWords

cocoa tags




collocates: display

collocates: highlighting in concordance

collocates: horizons

collocates: minimum frequency

collocates: sorting

collocation associates

collocation patterns

collocation: settings

collocation: specifications

coloured tags in WordList


colours in tags

column headings

column tagged conversion

column totals

column width

columns in printing

comparing wordlists

comparison display

compute new column of data

Concord: categories

Concord: clusters

Concord: collocation

Concord: creating exercises

Concord: index

Concord: limitations

Concord: multiple search-words

Concord: nearest tag

Concord: overview


Concord: patterns

Concord: saving and printing

Concord: sorting

Concord: sound and video

Concord: source text file

Concord: starting tips

Concord: stretching the display to see more

Concord: text segments

Concord: uniform plot

Concord: viewing options

Concord: what you see and can do

Concord: wildcards

Concord: zapping unwanted lines

concordance batch processing

concordance display

concordance display: highlighting collocates

concordance settings

concordancing on tags

Concord's save as characters

confirmation messages: okay to re-read

consistency analysis (detailed)

consistency analysis (simple)

consistency lists: sorting

contact addresses

context word

contextual frequency sort

controller (wshell.exe)

convert data from old version


copy choices

copy data to Word

copy: all

copy: selective

copy: specify

correcting filenames

couldn't merge KW databases

count data frequencies


creating a database

custom .dll file

custom column headings

custom processing

custom settings

custom settings for BNC tags

customising menus

cut spaces

cutting line starts


- D -

data as text file

database construction

database statistics

date format

decimal places


defining multimedia tags

definition of associate

definition of key key-word

definition of key-ness


deleting entries

demonstration version

Dickens text

choose texts
never used WordSmith before




dispersion plot: sorting

displaying comparisons

DOS codes

DOS to Windows

download new version

dual-text aligning with Viewer

duplicate concordance lines

- E -

edit mode

editing column headings

editing column headings
layout & format

editing concordances

editing WordList entries

end of heading marker

end of paragraph marker

end of sentence marker

end of text separator

end-of-text symbols


Entitities to characters

entity references

error messages

error messages: .ini file not found

error messages: base list error

error messages: can only save words as ASCII

error messages: can't call other tool

error messages: can't make folder as that's an existing filename

error messages: can't merge list with itself!

error messages: can't read file

error messages: character set reset to <x> to suit <language>

error messages: concordance file is faulty

error messages: concordance stop list file not found

error messages: conversion file not found

error messages: destination folder not found

error messages: disk problem -- file not saved

error messages: dispersions go with concordances

error messages: drive not valid

error messages: failed to access Internet

error messages: failed to create new folder

error messages: failed to read file

error messages: failed to save

error messages: file access denied

error messages: file contains "holes"

error messages: file contains none of the tags specified

error messages: file not found

error messages: filenames must differ

error messages: form incomplete

error messages: full drive & folder name needed

error messages: function not working properly yet

error messages: invalid concordance file

error messages: invalid file name

error messages: invalid KeyWords database file

error messages: invalid KeyWords file

error messages: invalid WordList comparison file

error messages: invalid WordList file

error messages: joining limit reached

error messages: KeyWords database file is faulty

error messages: KeyWords file is faulty

error messages: limit of file-based search-words reached

error messages: links between Tools disrupted

error messages: match list

error messages: must be a number

error messages: network registration used elsewhere

error messages: no access to text file - in use elsewhere?

error messages: no associates found

error messages: no clumps identified

error messages: no clusters found

error messages: no collocates found

error messages: no concordance entries found

error messages: no concordance stop list words

error messages: no deleted lines to zap

error messages: no entries in KeyWords database

error messages: no key words found

error messages: no key words to plot

error messages: no KeyWords stop list words

error messages: no lemma list words

error messages: no match list words

error messages: no room for computed variable

error messages: no statistics available

error messages: no stop list words

error messages: no such file(s) found

error messages: no tag list words

error messages: no word lists selected

error messages: not a valid number

error messages: not a WordSmith file

error messages: nothing activated

error messages: original text file needed but not found

error messages: printer needed but not found

error messages: registration string is not correct

error messages: registration string must be 20 letters long

error messages: short of memory

error messages: source folder file(s) not found

error messages: stop list file not found

error messages: stop list file not read

error messages: tag file not found

error messages: tag file not read

error messages: the program needs Windows 98 or greater

error messages: this function is not yet ready

error messages: this is a demo version





expiry date

export to spreadsheet etc.

extracting from text files

- F -

favourite texts

file associations

File Utilities: compare 2 files

File Utilities: file chunker

File Utilities: find duplicates

File Utilities: index

File Utilities: overview

File Utilities: rename

file-based lemmatisation

file-based search-words or phrases


filenames display

filenames: editing



finding a word

finding by typing

finding entries

finding relevant files

finding source texts

first use of WordSmith


folders created using text converter


for use on pc named XXX



frequency of happi*

full lemma processing

- G -

general settings

get favourite text selection

getting started

getting started with Concord

getting started with KeyWords

getting started with WordList

globality of plot


greek font

grow and shrink

- H -

handling multiple windows

handling tag-types

heading marker


headings (specifying)

headings: definition

headings: start & end

hide tags

hide words

highlighting collocates in concordance

history list

previous lists
search word syntax

holes in file


hotkey combinations

how many words

how much text

how to build a database



HTML & SGML tags

HTML headers: cutting out

HTML/BNC entities to characters

hyphen treatment


- I -



importing text into a word list

index lists: uses

information about WordSmith version

installing WordSmith Tools

instructions folder


international versions

Internet Explorer

Into Unicode

introduction to WordSmith Tools

inverted commas

it won't do what I want

- J -



joining entries

joining text files

- K -

key key word defined

key key-words

key words example


key-ness defined

keys for searching

KeyWords database

keywords minimal processing

KeyWords: advice

KeyWords: calculation

KeyWords: clusters

KeyWords: display

KeyWords: index

KeyWords: limitations

KeyWords: links

KeyWords: overview

KeyWords: purpose

KeyWords: sorting

KeyWords: starting tips

KeyWords: tips

- L -


Languages Chooser: font

Languages Chooser: language

Languages Chooser: other languages

Languages Chooser: overview

Languages Chooser: saving settings

Languages Chooser: sort order


lemma file

lemma list

lemma matching: WordList


lemmatising source texts

lemmatising with custom .dll


links between tools

list of buttons


locating entry-types

log file to trace problems

log likelihood

Log Likelihood score


long file names

- M -

machine requirements

make a word list from keywords data

making a tag file

making Wordlist Index

manual for WordSmith Tools


marking context-word in txt

marking search-word in txt


mark-up types

match list

memory usage

menu choices

menu shortcuts

merge concordances

merge wordlists

MI score

MI3 score

Microsoft Word

Minimal Pairs

Minimal Pairs: aim

Minimal Pairs: choosing files

Minimal Pairs: output

Minimal Pairs: overview

Minimal Pairs: requirements

Minimal Pairs: rules and settings

Minimal Pairs: running the program

modify source texts

moving sentences

multimedia concordancing

multimedia tags

multiple file analysis

multiple lists

multi-word unit

mutual information scores

mutual information screen

mutual information: computing

- N -

nag message

nearest tag

negative keyness

negative keywords

network defaults

network settings

network version

networks: defaults

new in version 4

new user

n-grams in WordList

not a current WordSmith file


number of concordance entries

number sort

numbering: paragraphs

numbering: sentences


numbers: how treated

- O -

online screenshots

options for defaults

ordering details


Oxford University Press

- P -

p value

paragraph marker

paragraph numbering

paragraph: start & end

paragraphs (specifying)

paragraphs: definition

partial save

patterns: highlighting in concordance

percentages v. raw numbers


plot dispersion value

plot display

plots and links

plotting key words

popup menu


potato-peeling machine

previous lists


print preview

printer settings


programming WordSmith

purple marks

purpose of Splitter

purpose of Text Converter

purpose of Viewer

- Q -


quotation marks

- R -

RAM availability

random deletion of entries


consistency analysis (detailed)
consistency analysis (simple)

raw numbers

raw numbers v. percentages

reduce data to N entries

reference corpus


regrouping clumps

remove duplicates

rename numerous files


re-ordering word lists

repeated concordance lines


report on a crash

research uses

re-sorting a word list

re-sorting: collocates

re-sorting: Concord

re-sorting: consistency lists

re-sorting: dispersion plot

re-sorting: KeyWords

restore last file

restore last work

restricted search



russian font

- S -

save as HTML

save as text

save as XML

save favourite text file set

save layout

save part of data

saving defaults

saving results

search & replace

search by typing

search word syntax

searching by typing

searching for a word or part of a word

searching using menu

section tag

section: start & end

selecting between texts

selecting multiple entries

selecting within texts

sentence marker

sentence numbering

sentence only

sentence: start & end

sentences (specifying)

sentences: definition

Set column

setting up a training sesssion


show help at startup

show help file

single words



sorting tags

sorting: Concord

sorting: KeyWords

sorting: WordList

sound & video tagged files

sound file tags

source texts

source texts conversion

source texts: modify

specific limitations



Splitter: filenames

Splitter: index

Splitter: overview

Splitter: symbols

Splitter: wildcards


standardised or mean type/token ratio

start and end of sentence


statistics of a database

status bar

menu and button options
status bar


stop lists




store text files

student use

summary statistics

suspending processing


- T -

tag concordancing

tag context

tag file

tag types

tagged text

tags as selectors

tags in WordList

tags to exclude

tags to retain

tags: overview

teacher instructions

teaching uses

text characteristics

Text Converter: asterisk

Text Converter: conversion file

Text Converter: cutting header

Text converter: extracting

Text Converter: folders

Text Converter: index

Text Converter: limitations

Text Converter: move if

Text Converter: overview

Text Converter: removing all tags

Text Converter: sample conversion file

Text Converter: settings

Text Converter: syntax

Text Converter: wildcards

text file: use to build a word list

text formats

text segments in Concord

texts: choosing

texts: more texts

the ~ operator


too many requests to ignore matching clumps

too many sentences


general settings
menu and button options

tools for pattern-spotting

training students


troubleshooting: accented symbols

troubleshooting: apostrophes not found

troubleshooting: colours unreadable

troubleshooting: column spacing

troubleshooting: Concord tags problem

troubleshooting: Concord/WordList mismatch

troubleshooting: crashed

troubleshooting: curly quotation marks

troubleshooting: demo limit

troubleshooting: keys don't respond

troubleshooting: pineapple-slicing

troubleshooting: printer won't print

troubleshooting: quotation marks not found

troubleshooting: smart quotations

troubleshooting: takes ages

troubleshooting: Viewer

troubleshooting: weird symbols

troubleshooting: won't start

troubleshooting: WordList out of order

truncating at xx words

two files needed

Two word-list analysis

type/token ratios


type-in mode

type-in search

types of tag

- U -

undefined tags

Unicode codes

university or school work

Unix to Windows





updating your version

user-defined categories

user-defined categories: saving

user-defined process



- V -

value-added annotation

version 4 differences

Version Checker: overview

version checking

version date

version francaise

version mis-match


Viewer: aligning the sentences

Viewer: colours

Viewer: editing

Viewer: languages

Viewer: limitations

Viewer: overview

Viewer: sentence joining

Viewer: settings

Viewer: technical aspects

Viewer: translation mis-matches

Viewer: unusual sentences

Viewer: viewing options

viewing original text file

- W -

WebGetter: display

WebGetter: limitations

WebGetter: overview


WebGetter: settings

what is a concordance

What's new

whole word search

why did search fail?

why won't it...

window management

Windows 2000

Windows 95 filenames

Windows 98

Windows character set codes

Windows NT

Windows Vista

Windows XP

word list file not found

word list is faulty

word patterns

word separators

word: definition

WordList comparison file faulty

WordList index lists: viewing

WordList overview

WordList: altering entries

WordList: case sensitivity

WordList: clusters

WordList: create using text file

WordList: index

WordList: limitations

WordList: minimum & maximum settings

WordList: purpose

WordList: sort

WordList: sort order

WordList: starting tips

WordList: tags

WordList: the basic display

WordSmith already running

WordSmith controller: Concord: settings

WordSmith controller: KeyWords settings

WordSmith controller: WordList settings

WordSmith Tools: installation

WordSmith Tools: manual

WordSmith version

wshell.exe (controller)

wshell.ini and networks

- X -

XX days left

- Y -

Yasumasa Someya

- Z -

Z score


zip files