Windows character set codes are different from thos in DOS or Unicode. (The symbol is code 156 in DOS but 163 in Windows.)  In Windows 95 or later you can get non-Western fonts enabled via Microsoft Plus. If your texts were written using a Windows word-processor and saved as text in Windows, the accented characters will obey the Windows codes. You will have access to a few more symbols than in DOS (e.g. ,, and curly apostrophes).


Windows Western (1252) format includes:

Anglo-Saxon, Basque, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, English, Middle English, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Old Norse, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish

Windows Baltic (1257) format includes:

Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian

Windows Central European (1250) format includes:

Albanian, Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovene, Upper Sorbian, Lower Sorbian

Windows Cyrillic (1251) format includes:

ByeloRussian, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Serbian (1251), Ukrainian

Windows Greek (1253) handles Greek

and Windows Turkish (1254) handles Turkish (what else?)