Rename multiple files

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The point of it


To rename a lot of files at once, in one or more folders. You may have files with excessively long names which do not suit certain applications. Or it is a pain to rename a lot of files one by one.


How to do it


Specify your Folder, whether sub-folders will also be processed, and the kinds of file you want to handle.

The default is All files *.*.

Also specify a "mask for new name" and a starting number.


For example, with a mask of SUN and start number 0, the first file found, let's say it was originally Quite_a_long_and_Complicated_file.txt will be renamed SUN0.txt. The next file would be SUN1.txt,and so on. (If the next was Quite_a_long_and_Complicated_file.htm, that would become SUN2.htm).


When you press "Find Files", you will see a list of all files meeting these choices. If you now press "Rename" each one will be renamed according to your settings.


See also : compare two files, file chunker, find duplicates