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WordList > index lists: viewing


In WordList, open an index as you would any other kind of word-list file -- using File | Open. Or, easier in my opinion, in the Controller | Previous lists, choose any index you've made and double-click it. You will see the index as if it were a large word-list.


BNC World index

The picture above shows the top 10 words in the BNC World Corpus. Number 5 (#) represents numbers or words which contain numbers such as £50.00. These very frequent words are also very consistent -- they appear in at least 99% of the 4,054 texts of BNC World.

In the view below, you see words sorted by the number of Texts: all these words appeared 10 times in the corpus but their frequencies vary.


index words sorted by consistency

You can highlight one or more words or mark them with the MARK option, then CONCORD to get a speedy concordance.


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