Printing and Print Preview (F3 and  PrintPreview)

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Controller > print and print preview


This takes you by default to a print preview, which shows you what the current page of data looks like, and from which you can print.


Bigger and Smaller

Zoom to 100% (ZOOMIN) or fit to page (page_fit), or choose a view in the list. The display here works in exactly the same way as the printing to paper. Any slight differences between what you see and what you get are due to font differences.


Next (Right1) & Last (Left1) Page

Takes you forward or back a page.


Portrait (PORTRAIT) or Landscape (LANDSCAP)?

Sets printing to the page shape you want.


Header, Footer, Margins

You can type a header & footer to appear on each page. If you include <Date> this will put today's date. Margins are altered by clicking the numbers -- you will see the feect in the print previews space at the right.


Print (PRINT)

This calls up the standard Windows printer page and by default sets it to print the current page. You can choose other pages in this standard dialogue box if you want.


See also: Printer Settings