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This function allows you to specify a word or phrase, look for it in each file, and if it's found move that file into a new folder.


The point of it

Suppose you have a whole set of files some of which contain dialogues between Pip and Magwich, others containing references to the Great Wall of China or the anatomy of fleas. You want those with the Pip-Magwich dialogues and you want them to go into a folder called Expect.


How to do it

1. Click on the Filters tab (at the top).

2. Now the Activated checkbox.

3. Specify a word or phrase the text must contain. This is case sensitive.

4. Choose whether that word or phrase has to be found

anywhere in the text,
anywhere before some other word or phrase, or
between 2 different words or phrases.

5. Decide what happens if the conditions are met:

copy to a certain folder, or
move to that folder, or
delete the file (careful!).

You can also decide to build a sub-folder based on the word or phrase you chose in #3.

And you may have the program add .txt (useful if as with the BNC there are no file extensions).


See also: Text Converter Contents.