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You may restrict a concordance search by specifying a context word which either must or may not be present within a certain number of words of your search word.

For example, you might have book as your search word and hotel* as the context word. This will only find book if hotel or hotels is nearby.

Or you might have book as your search word and paper* as an exclusion criterion. This will only find book if paper or papers is not within your Context Search Horizons.


Context Search Horizons


The context horizons determine how far Concord must look to left and right of the search word when checking whether the search criteria have been met. The default is 5,5 (5 to left and 5 to right of the search word) but this can be set to up to 25 on either side. 0,2 would look only to the right within two words of the search word.

If you have specified a context word, you can re-sort on it. Also, the context words will be in their own special colour.


Syntax is like that of the search word or phrase,

*        means disregard the end of the word and can be placed at either end of your context word.

==        means case sensitive

/        separates alternatives. You can specify up to 15 alternatives within an 80-character overall limit.

If you want to use *, ? , == , ~ , :\ or / as a character in your search word, put it in double quotes, e.g. "*"