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Downloading the BNC wordlist

This is a zipped wordlist made using WordSmith Tools. It will not open up in Excel, Word, Acrobat reader, etc. but can be read & understood by WordSmith Tools. If you want a paper or Excel copy, you can use WordSmith and then save as Excel, text, etc within WordSmith.

To use it

a. download it (approx 4MB in size), saving it to your hard disk, e.g in c:\temp
b. unzip it (click here if you need Winzip). Inside there is BNC_World.lst (about 14MB in size).
c. start WordSmith and use the WordList tool to open c:\temp\BNC_World.lst.

You may also be interested in an English lemma list made in 1998 by Yasumasa Someya which "currently contains 40,569 words (tokens) in 14,762 lemma groups. It is still far from complete, but I hope you find the list useful in preparing your own more complete lemma list. If you have any questions or comments about this lemma list, feel free to contact me (ysomeya@gol.com)" This list is also zipped.