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June-July Corpus Linguistics Summer Institute 30/06/08 - 03/07/08

(European Capital of Culture 2008)

Following on from a successful course in Salamanca last year, we are pleased to announce a Corpus Linguistics Summer Institute in Liverpool from Monday 30 June to Thursday 3rd July inclusive.


  1. Michaela Mahlberg
  2. Matt O'Donnell
  3. Mike Scott
  4. Nell Scott

The sessions will be a mix of lecture input and hands-on workshop with discussion. Topics will include:

  • Using WordSmith Tools
  • Corpus construction
  • Corpus mark-up
  • Corpus and Society
  • Corpora and Literature
  • Corpus Linguistics: counting words or texts or features
  • Corpus-based v. corpus-driven approaches
  • The corpus and the language learner
  • Keyness and the corpus

    programme with links to sessions


  • No Corpus Linguistic sophistication is pre-supposed...
  • ...but curiosity, willingness and patience are definite pre-requisites
  • Maximum 25 participants


  • Before 1 May £90.00
  • May 2 or later £110.00

Register by filling in this form and faxing to us (address below). You can pay by cheque, bank draft, or credit/debit card. If paying by cheque, make payment to "The University Of Liverpool".


  • Student accommodation (basic but within 500 metres) £15.00 per night, self-catering with very basic kitchen. (There are cafes nearby!)
    Philharmonic Court
    Catherine Street
    Liverpool L8 7SD

To bring

  • Bring your own laptop? -- you may if you want but it is not actually necessary. We are using University PCs and they should be working OK and have Internet access. We tested them, they seem fine. However you might prefer your own laptop as well. The University will give you a temporary access code but you'd have to check your own email via webmail. There is wireless access at the course. At the accommodation there is wired access (you'd need to bring or buy a standard cat5 cable) and may be wireless access depending on where in the building... If you don't bring a laptop you may still prefer to bring a USB mouse so you know it won't be sticky and grunged up though the PC centre we're using seemed fine today.

Where are we?

The course is taught in University teaching facilities in the Chadwick Tower, ground floor (building 42 on this map) with full PC support. Meet up on the first day in the cafe on the ground floor.




The University is in the heart of town near the two cathedrals.


School of English <engdept@liverpool.ac.uk>

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Room 322
Modern Languages Building
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